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HR investigations into gross misconduct for employers

Are you concerned with how to investigate a case of employee gross misconduct? The HR Dept offers an independent investigatory service to help you through this tricky situation.


Carrying out the investigation

The aim of an investigation is to ascertain the facts, in a fair and objective way.

It is vital that the investigation is carried out promptly, and in line with your company’s disciplinary and grievance procedure. Tribunals take a dim view in cases where this does not happen.

It is best practice to select an investigating officer who is not the employee’s manager. However, for SMEs, this can pose an issue due to a lack of in-house resources. The HR Dept’s independent investigation service can be particularly helpful here.


What to do next

Get in touch to find out more. We can carry out investigations on your company’s behalf, reducing the stress and  your time spent on these sensitive situations.

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