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Discipline and Grievance Workshop – Management Essentials

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9:30 am
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Handling discipline and grievance issues can be costly and time consuming. With consequences both financially and in terms of your reputation, it is imperative that you follow a timely, fair and legal process. Knowing the steps to achieve this is key to minimising risk.

In this informative and interactive workshop, we will follow our characters, Harry and Larry, through a disciplinary procedure. Throughout, we’ll be observing the Acas framework, covering suspension, investigation, disciplinary hearing and decisions, appeals and the keeping of appropriate records. Working through case studies and other ‘real-life’ examples, you will leave confident with a host of practical tips.

 Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at line managers or those who have supervisory responsibilities and day-to-day management of others.

We intentionally keep our groups small to enable time for discussion and questions, therefore early booking is essential.

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HR Dept Bristol and Bath- Training and Events

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Disciplinary & Grievance Workshop

Our course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage disciplinary and grievance issues within the workforce.

The course is perfect for anyone with responsibility for addressing issues of misconduct or handling complaints or conflicts at work.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why you should have a disciplinary and grievance procedure
  • What to consider
  • The stages of investigation and disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Setting a precedent
  • Suspension
  • Appeal
  • Bullying and harassment
  • The legal position (Equality Act)

By the end of the course delegates will be in a position to effectively manage matters of disciplinary and grievance in the workplace and understand the key stages and considerations of each.


Emergency First Aid at Work

This one day course will provide theoretical and practical training in basic lifesaving first aid. By the end of the course, delegates will be trained to act as the Emergency First Aider in their workplace.

Intended for

The emergency first aider in a smaller or low risk workplace. 

Why choose this course?

Every employer, even those with fewer than five employees, must carry out an assessment of the risk in their workplace and must decide what level of first aid provision they must provide. Issues to consider could include the type of work activities taking place, what possible injuries might occur, the size and layout of the workplace, and the proximity to emergency services.

Where injuries in the workplace are likely to be relatively minor, such as cuts, this course may be more suitable than the three day Level 3 First Aid at Work course.

This workshop will cover including:

  • Actions in emergency
  • CPR
  • Basic Life Support
  • Wound and bleeding
  • Epilepsy
  • Minor burns and scars
  • Shock


There will be a practical assessment throughout the course, topped off with a theoretical assessment.

Managing conflict

None of us like to admit there are simmering of conflict where we work, but at some point, if we haven’t already, we will all be faced with a conflict situation.

Knowing what is and how to deal with it is key to ensuring it doesn’t escalate.

In this informative and interactive workshop, we will take you on a practical tour of Managing Conflict, covering the 3 Rs – Recognizing, Responding and Resolving. We will not only explore conflict in the workplace, but give you practical tips on handling those difficult conversations and an insight into the role of mediation.

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at line managers or those who have supervisory responsibilities and day-to-day management of others. 0117 970 2955

South Warwickshire training events

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Leading Your Team

A three-part workshop aimed at improving the leadership skills of those with line management responsibility.


20th March, 30th March, 11th April 2017

24th April, 8th May, 19th May 2017

The Employment Journey

A half-day session covering everything you need to know about the employment journey, ranging from recruitment to dismissal.


21st March 2017

Better Performance Through Better Appraisals

The HR Dept South Warwickshire’s appraisal workshop will offer managers the chance to learn the essential elements that make up a great appraisal.


22nd March 2017

Brilliant Presentations

A workshop to show ways of connecting with your audience and how to put your message across in the way that you want.


27th March 2017

For more information on our training sessions, please contact Molly Alcock on 01926 353 131 or email 01926 353 131
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